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#Raspberry Pi Iot Shields Examples/Tutorials Repository

##Hey, not that's all.! We are hardworking on all documents. We will upload the datasheets, technical drawing, quick start guides and more application samples as soon as possible.

  1. Design
  • Sixfab Gprs Shield Windows Gui Photoshop design files
  1. Examples
  • Examples for Windows ( C#/.Net )
  1. Gui
  • Sixfab Gprs Shield Windows Gui ( C#/Wpf/.Net ) Download Link
    Note: Please install .Net Sdk for this program to work!
  1. Tutorials
  • Example Tutorials for Raspberry Pi, Arduino etc.
    1. Raspberry Pi Kernel update for Sixfab 3G/LTE shield's usb drivers
    2. Make a PPP internet connection with Sixfab GPRS Shield on Raspberry Pi
    3. Make a PPP internet connection with 3G/LTE Shields on Raspberry Pi
    4. Raspberry Pi Youtube/Facebook Live Video Streamer with Sixfab 3G/LTE Shields
    5. Raspberry Pi Twitter Bot with Sixfab GPRS/3G/LTE Shield
    6. Raspberry Pi Ds18b20 Temperature Sensor logger with Sixfab Xbee Shield
    7. Raspberry Pi Security System with Sixfab 3G/LTE Shields
    8. Raspberry Pi Gps Tracker with Sixfab Gps Shield
    9. Import sound files to Sixfab Gprs Shield
    10. Arduino Home Security System with Sixfab Gprs Shield
  1. Hardware Design Files
  • Schematics
    1. 3G/4G-LTE Schematic
    2. Gprs Schematic
    3. Xbee Schematic
    4. Gps Schematic