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Technical Writing

For some reason, there are only a relatively small number of people who are interested in both technology and language. If you are one of them, technical writing can be a great profession, or means of generating a side income.

This repository is a collection of technical writing resources. Pull requests to add more resources are highly encouraged.

Writing Resources (Become a better writer)

Technical Writing Resources is a list of books and other resources to help you become a better technical writer

Publishing Resources (Get paid to write)

Publishing Resources provides information on where you can publish your technical posts, and who will pay you for them.

Technical writing communities

Communities is a list of communities focused on technical writing.

Software and Tools

Software and Tools is a list of writing tools and other automated programs built to support writers.


I used to write technical articles as a freelancer. I'm always surprised that while there are thousands of posts and resources out there relating to helping you become a better (programmer|founder|data scientist|anything else) there is very little about technical writing, and many people don't even know that technical writing is a thing that exists and that pays.

This is my little attempt to fill that gap. If you have suggestions for more sections, or want to add to existing sections, please submit a pull request. If you're not comfortable with git, Tweet at me with your suggestions or use one of the other contact options at the bottom of my website.

Since creating this, I founded Ritza - a startup that produces tutorials and documentation for companies and helps them with developer advocacy efforts. Get in touch if you're interested in our services, or if you'd be interested in writing for us.


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