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Six Labors

Cross platform, open source, graphics processing libraries for .NET.


  1. ImageSharp Public

    📷 A modern, cross-platform, 2D Graphics library for .NET

    C# 6.4k 780

  2. 🖊️ Extensions to ImageSharp containing a cross-platform 2D polygon manipulation API and drawing operations.

    C# 222 34

  3. 🌐 High Performance Image Processing Middleware for ASP.NET- Core.

    C# 378 97

  4. Fonts Public

    ✒️ Font loading and layout library.

    C# 225 59

  5. Samples Public

    📇 General samples for various Six Labors projects

    C# 74 52

  6. Texture loading and manipulation library

    C# 41 8



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