This project takes a sample project from the Spiffy UI project creator and reworks it to show you how to build a Spiffy UI application with Gradle.
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Hello Spiffy Gradle - GWT Made Simple

Hello Spiffy Gradle is a sample application using the Spiffy UI Framework which builds a simple REST application with Gradle.

Building and Running Spiffy UI

Hello Spiffy Gradle is built with Gradle. Once you've installed Gradle you must also get and build the Gradle GWT plugin. Build this plugin and then change the build.gradle file in the Hello Spiffy Gradle to point to the location of your built files.

After you've built the plugin you can build and run Hello Spiffy Gradle by going to your HelloSpiffyGradle working copy and running these commands:

    <GRADLE HOME>/gradle

This will download the project dependencies, build the Hello Spiffy Gradle project, and run it with an embedded Jetty web server. You can access the running application at:


This project is a good example of calling Java from Gradle with dynamic loading and how we can reuse the Spiffy UI build utilities in many build systems.


Hello Spiffy Gradle is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0.