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Support for ANSI colours in command-line client.
.. data:: ESC
ansi escape character
.. data:: RESET
ansi reset colour (ansi value)
dict of colour names mapped to their ansi value
.. data:: COLOURS_MIDS
A list of ansi values for Mid Spectrum Colours
import itertools
import sys
ESC = chr(0x1B)
RESET = "0"
COLOURS_NAMED = dict(list(zip(
['black', 'red', 'green', 'yellow', 'blue', 'magenta', 'cyan', 'white'],
[str(x) for x in range(30, 38)]
colour for name, colour in list(COLOURS_NAMED.items())
if name not in ('black', 'white')
class AnsiColourException(Exception):
''' Exception while processing ansi colours '''
class ColourMap(object):
Object that allows for mapping strings to ansi colour values.
def __init__(self, colors=COLOURS_MIDS):
''' uses the list of ansi `colors` values to initialize the map '''
self._cmap = {}
self._colourIter = itertools.cycle(colors)
def colourFor(self, string):
Returns an ansi colour value given a `string`.
The same ansi colour value is always returned for the same string
if string not in self._cmap:
self._cmap[string] = next(self._colourIter)
return self._cmap[string]
def cmdReset():
''' Returns the ansi cmd colour for a RESET '''
if sys.stdout.isatty():
return ESC + "[0m"
return ""
def cmdColour(colour):
Return the ansi cmd colour (i.e. escape sequence)
for the ansi `colour` value
if sys.stdout.isatty():
return ESC + "[" + colour + "m"
return ""
def cmdColourNamed(colour):
''' Return the ansi cmdColour for a given named `colour` '''
return cmdColour(COLOURS_NAMED[colour])
except KeyError:
raise AnsiColourException('Unknown Colour %s' %(colour))
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