Python client library for SeatGeek's Sixpack A/B testing framework
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Python client library for SeatGeak's Sixpack ab testing framework.


First install in your virtual environment:

$ pip install sixpack-client


Basic example:

from sixpack.sixpack import Session

session = Session()

# Participate in a test (creates the test if necessary)
session.participate("new-test", ["alternative-1", "alternative-2"])

# Convert

Each session has a client_id associated with it that must be preserved across requests. Here's what the first request might look like:

session = Session
session.participate("new-test", ["alternative-1", "alternative-2"])
set_cookie_in_your_web_framework("sixpack-id", session.client_id)

For future requests, create the Session using the client_id stored in the cookie:

client_id = get_cookie_from_web_framework("sixpack-id")
session = Session(client_id=client_id)

If you already have a client_id (you can generate one using sixpack.generate_client_id()) you can use the participate() and convert() methods to avoid instantiating a Session yourself. This can help to clean up your logic a bit:

from sixpack.sixpack import participate, convert

partipate("new-test", ["alternative-1", "alternative-2"], client_id)

convert("new-test", client_id)


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