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flag add challenges made by garzon Apr 29, 2019

[*CTF 2019 Misc] homebrewEvtLoop-- and homebrewEvtLoop#

An interesting python2 challenge. You may find some techniques here similar to those in SQL injection.


Please find the


stage 1 (Blind injection)


Blind injection by changing the indexes, [52] of session[args[0]](session['log']) and [8] of event, with reusing the submitted string event as alphabet.

Alternatively, you can use valid_event_chars as alphabet, or get the flag directly by using a list comprehension exploit of stage 2 like [[str][0]for[args]in[[session]]][0]114514.

stage 2 (Remote Code Execution)

['[[str]for[args]in[[session]]][0][0]114514' for session in [open('flag','rb').read()]][0]

This is a feature of python2, that list comprehension could be used as assignments to global variables.

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