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Add Facebook "Like" (and +1, Tweet) #71

lordscarlet opened this Issue · 13 comments

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I'm not sure how I feel about this. I know we use Disqus for comments, but I feel a little bit dirty using the fb "like". :) I also don't know what methods Facebook has for ranking your items based on the number of "like"s it has, so I will have to look into that as well.


It does feel a bit dirty doesn't it? But I would enjoy being able to share art directly from the site with friends... I do occasionally post ANSI and ASCII art, but being able to link directly to this sight seems more meaningful. Plus there's the historical aspect, I could keep track of what I am viewing and so could any of my friends.

fx commented

I'm all in favor of going all out on the media craze. Few years back I would've been all like "NO WAY MAN, WE NEED TO BE UNDERGROUND", but really ..let the world know.

Lieschen Mueller and your family should see you liking obscure computer art.

I've actually added facebooks like on cromes chiptune website too: (hit share this and it shows up)


Perhaps we should consider AddThis instead of facebook specifically? Ideally I think there's the social media aspect, plus a 16c-specific like and favorite. This allows you to go to 16c and see a) your favorites easily and b) how many other people like a specific piece of artwork. Perhaps choosing "like" for facebook or "+1" for google+ (or whatever) would automatically give it a "16c like"?

@ispyhumanfly ispyhumanfly was assigned

I've taken this issue and assigned it to myself. I've been reading the comments, and felt this went beyond just Facebook. And really could apply to share functionality of Google, Buzz, Twitter, etc... so I've kinda grouped that together here...

In my mind, the requirements are:

Add Facebook "Share"/"Like"
Add Google+ "+1"
Add Twitter "Tweet"


I think we should probably just use AddThis and call it a day.


I may not have contributed jack shit to the project up to this point, :) but if you guys need any code/tips working with AddThis Analytics, let me know; I just wrapped up a freelance project involving the API.


Is it worth trying to track down tiny problems whenever Facebook updates their authorization requirements, or their OpenGraph API, or when Twitter changes their API version and drops support for deprecated processes? Maybe developing a "skin" for the AddThis controls but letting the controls handle the underlying sharing mechanisms would be worthwhile.


That icon set is awesome. :)

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