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1. Why is this in the source?

A: Because you need to read it.

2. Why doesn't SixthSense work on Android/Linux/Mac/etc.? Can't we fix it?

A: Its written in Microsoft C# without compatibility for Mono. There's some work on ports already going on, look at the README for details.

3. How do I build a SixthSense device?

A: Check out [the documentation]( on this topic.

4. What's the primary method of contact?

A: Mailing list. See the README for details.

5. Can I contribute? How?

A: **We would love for you to contribute!** You can help by just *watching* the project. Blog about SixthSense, write documentation or build a device and post a tutorial! If you're into writing code, check out the README for some specific pointers (hint: indentation is a major issue).

6. I tried compiling, but, it tells me I don't have a Microsoft Offie API!

A: You need Microsoft Office installed in order to run SixthSense.

7. You didn't answer my question!

A: Sorry! Try asking on the mailing list (see README for details).
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