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[c++] core application capable of consuming requests from api and controlling audio playback
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The loftili core (LFTCE) is the c++ application that is run on core devices, and is responsible for managing the device's audio output, as well as maintaining an open channel of communication with the api. It is through this channel that the api will send the device commands (i.e CMD audio:start). Upon receiving one of these commands, the core library is then responsible for querying the api for information related to it's perscribed state; for audio commands this could mean the url of the track that it should be playing.


Instructions for installing can be found in the file. Please see this file for information on getting your system ready to compile the source.


Contributions are very welcome, and anyone interested in contributing to LFTAPI should follow the guide published by github, and create an issue, or just fork the repository, make your change, and open a pull request.


Please see LICENSE.txt

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