quick and dirty assembler for the LP5562 LED Driver
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This package is a quick and dirty assembler for the Texas Instruments LP5562. Package is primarily written so that an open-source toolchain can be provided for the LED controller used in the keyswitch.one project.


First install via npm:

npm install --save lp5562

Then include it in your project

// if using typescript or ES6 modules
import {assemble} from 'lp5562'

// or if using ES5
var assemble = require('lp5562').assemble;

Typescript definitions are included in the package. The function's signature is:

assemble(program : string) : Uint16Array

where program is the string representation of the assembly program, and the resulting Uint16Array is an array of 48 16-bit WORDs representing the memory map of LP5562's program space.

  set_pwm 255

    ramp 200, -128
    ramp 200, 128
    branch 5, flash

  ramp 200, -128
  ramp 200, -127
  end, i


Uint16Array[ 65344, 65283, 32515, 33186, 65283, 65027, 208, 0, 0, 0, ... 0 ]

All data is provided in big-endian format (as the LP5562 is an 8-bit device). Feed the Uint16Array#buffer to a Uint8Array or use a DataView if you need a different data representation.


For the assembly language spec, see the grammar. As a rule of thumb, all instructions that work on the official assembler provided with the evaluation module should work here as well. See §3.4.1 and §3.4.2 in the EVM docs for syntax and parameters.


This project is MIT Licensed. Pull requests welcome. Changes documented in CHANGELOG.md.