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Welcome to the wptools wiki

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If you are in a hurry, take a look at our fine examples, or the menu on the right to dive in.

Wptools makes read-only access to the various Wikimedia APIs as easy as pie. You can get info about wiki sites, categories, and pages from any Wikimedia project in any language via the good 'ol Mediawiki API. You can extract unstructured data from page Infoboxes or get structured, linked open data about a page via the Wikidata API, and get page contents from the high-performance RESTBase API.

This project was made to help us easily and reliably get all kinds of information out of Wikipedia and make sense of the overwhelming scale of what is becoming the world's de facto encyclopedia—from article summaries to a representative page image, Infobox data, Wikidata, category members, and site statistics. While Wikipedia dumps, and DBPedia provide scalable paths to extracting large data sets from Wikimedia projects, wptools aims to provide a mechanism for exploring a small number of pages, categories, or sites based on your personal interests, or to help you get familiar with Wikimedia data.

We hope you find it helpful and will consider contributing. If you do find wptools helpful, please tell your friends so we can continue improving it.

Happy Hacking! 😁


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