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.vim Fix rails syntax May 24, 2018
.ackrc scss is ruby too Apr 21, 2012
.bash_profile Bash completion, how could I forget Jul 12, 2017
.gemrc Sure Jan 10, 2018
.gitconfig Many updates May 22, 2018
.gitmodules Add coffee script syntax May 24, 2018
.powconfig Add to powconfig Jun 11, 2014
.pryrc Add pryrc Nov 28, 2012
.screenrc Restore SSH_AUTH_SOCK when reattaching screen Apr 11, 2015
.zshrc Renovimtion May 19, 2018
Brewfile Follow redirects May 13, 2016
bootstrap Basic dev bootstrap for OS X Jul 28, 2012
move-in-osx Tweaks Jan 10, 2018

My castle

zsh <( curl -sL )