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can't be used with ruby 1.9.2 on windows #32

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mailcatcher depends on eventmachine ~> 0.12 which doesn't build with ruby 1.9.2 on windows (eventmachine/eventmachine#292)


I'm not bumping the dependency until 1.0 is released, but I'll leave this issue open until this happens.

Feel free to grab the source, test and post resutls! I don't use Windows.


No worries. :-)


Here's how I made it work on Windows 7:

Downloaded the source for mailcatcher and skinny (a mailcatcher dependency, also dependent on eventmachine).

Changed the reference to eventmachine to "~> 1.0.0.beta.4.1" in both

Deleted and re-installed eventmachine using gem install eventmachine --pre

Built and installed skinny, built and installed mailcatcher.

Thanks for creating such awesomeness!


Unfortunate that EventMachine hasn't released a stable release since 2009. :-(

Maybe I should just bump the requirement...


Or create a windows7 version with a bumped requirement :)

Which may not be sufficient as skinny also requires eventmachine.

Having it run on windows is really nice. This gem is... a gem!


We came across this today, as one of our developers who runs Windows came back from holiday a month after we started using Mailcatcher - now we've had to disable it for now on his box, but is going to start causing problems real soon :(

Might give the solution above from @aaandre a shot - will keep you posted.


Can you please check you're running the very latest versions of mail catcher and eventmachine? This shoul have been fixed by a couple of patches and their reaching 1.0.


Yep - it is working now. We had to gem uninstall eventmachine then gem install mailcatcher seemed to have sorted it.

Doesn't look like installing the mailcatcher updated the existing eventmachine on the system.



Same here. Thanks Antony.

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