remove dependency on haml for rails 3.2.3 #45

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according to rails/rails#393

I use slim with rails 3.2.3 in one of my company's projects, and in development env, I use mailcatcher.
So it will cause issue even I didn't use HAML on my project.

One solution is update HAML to 3.1.6.rc.1
but I think that will cause conflict if someone need an older version of HAML.

So it seems that remove the dependency on HAML is a good solution. as there's only one view file views/index.haml.


sj26 commented May 15, 2012

Please don't include mailcatcher in your Gemfile, it is a standalone application with it's own dependency set.

Mailcatcher should be installed as a separate gem (gem install mailcatcher) which is simply run as mailcatcher.

@sj26 sj26 closed this May 15, 2012

@sj26 Thanks for reply.

Maybe there should be an mountable engine for rails to make it more convenient to use.

And I think it would be better if you put don't include mailcatcher in the Gemfile in README file.



sj26 commented May 17, 2012

I don't really want to tie into Rails at all, there are projects like mail_view for that... but I will definitely add something to the README. Thanks!

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