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Message Delivery #53

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This pull request adds a "Deliver" button to the web interface next to the "Download" button.

In the backend, there is now a DeliveryService class that is initialized with a message hash and responds to #deliver!. The current implementation uses a basic Net::SMTP setup for delivery. SMTP options are provided on the command line with defaults setup for GMail. So if you are using GMail, the minimum necessary configuration is:

mailcatcher --delivery-user-name YOURADDRESS@gmail.com --delivery-password YOURPASS

There is also a '--delivery-recipient' option which overwrites the recipient field on all delivered messages. This allows you to specify an email address that you would like all messages to be delivered to.

Jason Nochlin added some commits Sep 9, 2012

Jason Nochlin Add a 'Deliver' action to the UI for a message
"Deliver" button is replaced with text while waiting for delivery
Jason Nochlin DeliveryService class for handling message delivery
Currently only supports SMTP. Configuration is provided at the command
line. Default values are setup for GMail delivery.
Jason Nochlin Implement deliver route with DeliveryService 0380f51
Jason Nochlin Add recipient configuration option 48efb6f
Jason Nochlin Force sender to be SMTP user_name 361bc0f
Jason Nochlin Update README 0f454db

This is in response to sj26/mailcatcher#4


sj26 commented Oct 29, 2012

Great idea, not sure how comfortable I am with the gmail integration. I'd be more inclined to just act like a first-class SMTP server, however that raises problems via ISPs. Also want the deliveree's address to be changeable in the web interface.

The current setup can take in any SMTP configuration. I chose to add GMail as the default SMTP configuration figuring it was relatively common and easiest to setup.

For the deliveree's address, what use case do you have in mind for wanting to change their address via the interface?

sepehr commented Jan 2, 2014

+1, great idea.

bogdal commented Jan 7, 2016

It would be great to have this merged.

jehon commented Jul 19, 2016

Great idea. When will it be merged?

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