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# The `command` module is loaded when the `pow` binary runs. It parses
# any command-line arguments and determines whether to install Pow's
# configuration files or start the daemon itself.
{Daemon, Configuration, Installer} = require ".."
util = require "util"
# Set the process's title to `pow` so it's easier to find in `ps`,
# `top`, Activity Monitor, and so on.
process.title = "pow"
# Print valid command-line arguments and exit with a non-zero exit
# code if invalid arguments are passed to the `pow` binary.
usage = ->
console.error "usage: pow [--print-config | --install-local | --install-system [--dry-run]]"
process.exit -1
# Start by loading the user configuration from `~/.powconfig`, if it
# exists. The user configuration affects both the installer and the
# daemon.
Configuration.getUserConfiguration (err, configuration) ->
throw err if err
printConfig = false
createInstaller = null
dryRun = false
for arg in process.argv.slice(2)
# Set a flag if --print-config is requested.
if arg is "--print-config"
printConfig = true
# Cache the factory method for creating a local or system
# installer if necessary.
else if arg is "--install-local"
createInstaller = Installer.getLocalInstaller
else if arg is "--install-system"
createInstaller = Installer.getSystemInstaller
# Set a flag if a dry run is requested.
else if arg is "--dry-run"
dryRun = true
# Abort if we encounter an unknown argument.
# Abort if a dry run is requested without installing anything.
if dryRun and not createInstaller
# Print out the current configuration in a format that can be
# evaluated by a shell script (`eval $(pow --print-config)`).
else if printConfig
underscore = (string) ->
string.replace /(.)([A-Z])/g, (match, left, right) ->
left + "_" + right.toLowerCase()
shellEscape = (string) ->
"'" + string.toString().replace(/'/g, "'\\''") + "'" #'
for key, value of configuration.toJSON()
util.puts "POW_" + underscore(key).toUpperCase() +
"=" + shellEscape(value)
# Create the installer, passing in our loaded configuration.
else if createInstaller
installer = createInstaller configuration
# If a dry run was requested, check to see whether any files need
# to be installed with root privileges. If yes, exit with a status
# of 1. If no, exit with a status of 0.
if dryRun
installer.needsRootPrivileges (needsRoot) ->
exitCode = if needsRoot then 1 else 0
installer.getStaleFiles (files) ->
util.puts file.path for file in files
process.exit exitCode
# Otherwise, install all the requested files, printing the full
# path of each installed file to stdout.
installer.install (err) ->
throw err if err
# Start up the Pow daemon if no arguments were passed.
daemon = new Daemon configuration
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