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0.1.2 / TBA

  • 6 minor changes

    • add log command (commit)
    • fix error when calling remove on a pow that does not exist (commit)
    • properly recognise rails 2 apps and display note accordingly (commit)
    • bump dependency on Thor (commit)
    • improve how we determin home dir (commit)
    • adds version command (commit)

0.1.1 / 2011-04-11

  • 1 minor change

    • We won't try reading ~/.powconfig if it doesn't exist

0.1.0 / 2011-04-11

  • 1 Major change

    • The command has changed from pow to powder to allow pow to use the command (issue)
  • 1 minor change

    • open and link now honour domains specified in .powconfig

0.0.4 / 2011-04-08

  • Early release with link, list, restart, remove, open, install and uninstall commands
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