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Remarkable Devise

Remarkable Devise is a collection of RSpec matchers for Devise.


Add to your Gemfile:

gem "remarkable_activerecord"
gem "remarkable_devise"

Add the require after the remarkable/active_record line in your spec_heplers.rb:

require 'remarkable/active_record'
require 'remarkable/devise'


Suppose that we require authentication of users. And we want to use Devise. The problem that we face a number of requirements:

  • The user must be authorized by email or login
  • Password should contain 8 to 20 characters
  • After 3 unsuccessful attempts to authenticate, the account should be locked in 5 hours
  • and much more

Following the BDD way, we first write a specs:

# spec/models/user_spec.rb   
describe User do
  it { should be_a_confirmable(:confirm_within => 2.days) }
  it { should be_a_rememberable(:remember_for => 2.weeks) }
  it { should be_a_validatable(:password_length => 8..20) }
  it { should be_a_timeoutable(:timeout_in => 15.minutes) }
  it { should be_a_token_authenticatable(:token_authentication_key => :auth_token) }
  it { should be_a_trackable }
  it { should be_a_registerable }
  it { should be_a_recoverable }

  should_be_a_lockable do |o|
    o.lock_strategy = :failed_attempts
    o.maximum_attempts = 3
    o.unlock_strategy = :time

  should_be_a_database_authenticatable do |o|
    o.stretches = 20
    o.encryptor = :clearance_sha1
    o.params_authenticatable = false
    o.authentication_keys = [:email, :login]

After number of steps (red/green/refactor) we will get the following result (assuming that you are familiar with how to use Devise and know what to do):

 # app/models/user.rb
 class User < ActiveRecord::Base
   devise :database_authenticatable, :stretches => 20, :encryptor => :clearance_sha1, 
   :authentication_keys => [:email, :login], :params_authenticatable => false

   devise :confirmable, :confirm_within => 2.days
   devise :recoverable
   devise :rememberable, :remember_for => 2.weeks, :extend_remember_period => true
   devise :trackable
   devise :validatable, :password_length => 8..20
   devise :token_authenticatable, :token_authentication_key => :auth_token
   devise :timeoutable, :timeout_in => 15.minutes

   devise :lockable, :maximum_attempts => 3, :lock_strategy => :failed_attempts, 
   :unlock_strategy => :time, :unlock_in => 5.hours

   devise :registerable

 # rspec spec/models/user_spec.rb --format=documentation
   should be a confirmable within 2 days
   should be a rememberable with 14 days remember period and with extendable remember period
   should be a validatable with password length 8..20
   should be a timeoutable within 900 seconds
   should be a token authenticatable with :auth_token as authentication key
   should be a trackable
   should be a registerable
   should be a recoverable
   should be a lockable with :failed_attempts lock strategy, with :time unlock strategy, with unlock in 5 hours, and with 3 maxumum attempts
   should be a database authenticatable with [:email, :login] as authentication keys, without params authenticatable, with password stretches 20, and with :clearance_sha1 password encryptor


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