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Commits on Jan 24, 2012
  1. @radar

    Remove three-dot-two from Travis build

    radar authored
    This is due to a suspected regression ( within Rails 3.2.
    We will wait on Rails 3.2.1 to be released and then re-attempt this again.
Commits on Jan 23, 2012
  1. @radar

    attributes_for is deprecated in FactoryGirl, switch to using FactoryG…

    radar authored
    … in address_spec
  2. @radar
Commits on Jan 22, 2012
  1. @adhlssu07 @radar

    Making the last step in breadcrumbs a link.

    adhlssu07 authored radar committed
  2. @radar

    Test three-dot-two branch also

    radar authored
  3. @radar
  4. @lucapette @radar

    Explicitly reference Spree::Admin::BaseController in

    lucapette authored radar committed
    This fixes the issue discussed in #963 that @schof and @radar couldn't
    reproduce, but other people *could*. Very weird.
    Note: this may turn up in other controllers also.
    Closes #963 + #999.
Commits on Jan 19, 2012
  1. @cmar @joneslee85

    fixed issue with db bootstrap running twice.

    cmar authored joneslee85 committed
    reduce noise with install_generator
    [fixes #977]
  2. @joneslee85
  3. @radar
  4. @mikz @radar

    fix escaping issues on order details page in admin menu

    mikz authored radar committed
    also properly escape strings in javascript template
    and properly fetch states translation from i18n with fallback
    Merges #991
  5. @radar

    [auth] Stub apply_pending_promotions in checkout_controller_spec

    radar authored
    Even though we really should not need to do this, as it should only be loading auth's decorations and not promos too
  6. @radar

    Only iterate through active promotions, rather than active activators…

    radar authored
    … when checking for pending promotions #836
  7. @radar
  8. @moladukes @radar

    Remove br.clear from breadcrumb helper. We`ll let front end developer…

    moladukes authored radar committed
    …s decide how to style the breadcrumbs.
    Fixes #990
  9. @buddhi-desilva @radar

    Fixes/Tweaks flexi_rate.rb:5 - Doesn't have to be a float. Changed to…

    buddhi-desilva authored radar committed
    … int. flexi_rate.rb:17 - Seemingly self.preferred_max_items is returned as a string. Gives the error 'comparison of String with 0 failed'. Converting to an int before assigning. flexi_rate.rb:22, 24 - Similar issues as above. Converting to a float before calculation.
    Closes #974
  10. @radar

    Allow a promotion to be created that is applied to an order that a us…

    radar authored
    …er creates after signup [#836]
    This fixes the INITIAL scenario described in #836, i.e. what Sean intended when he made this option. All three scenarios described in this issue are now functional.
  11. @cmar @radar

    fixing #969 and #971 - actions not appending and duplicate products

    cmar authored radar committed
    promo/specs are passing
  12. @radar

    Revert #992

    radar authored
    Revert "fixing #969 and #971 - actions not appending and duplicate products"
    This reverts commit 1277d53.
  13. @radar

    Remove logger.debug from user_registrations_controller

    radar authored
    It has been there for > 1 year. I think we've debugged long enough?
Commits on Jan 18, 2012
  1. @cmar @radar

    fixing #969 and #971 - actions not appending and duplicate products

    cmar authored radar committed
    Merges #992
  2. @ebeigarts @radar

    Fix permalink increments when number is more than one digit long.

    ebeigarts authored radar committed
    Merges #987
  3. @radar
  4. @joneslee85
  5. @joneslee85

    Added spree_cmd into README

    joneslee85 authored
  6. @joneslee85

    Removed INSTALL

    joneslee85 authored
  7. @cmar @radar

    preventing rules from being added twice to a promotion

    cmar authored radar committed
    [fixes #984 + closes #985]
  8. @radar

    Only check for preferred_code in promotion specs

    radar authored
    Includes modifications necessary to properly testing promotion specs
    Oh, and this probably fixes the build.
  9. @robzolkos @joneslee85
  10. @radar
  11. @radar
  12. @radar
  13. @radar
  14. @radar

    first_order promotion rule should allow for eligible?(order) (i.e. an…

    radar authored
    … order with a user) and eligible?(order, :user => user) (i.e. an order WITHOUT a user but with user data in payload)
  15. @radar

    first_order rule should return true/false [h/t @adhlssu07]

    radar authored
    The syntax for this rule has also slightly changed, so we need to update the test for it also
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