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Taiga contrib slack auth

The Taiga plugin for slack authentication, based on's Github plugin.


Taiga Back

In your Taiga back python virtualenv install the pip package taiga-contrib-slack-auth with:

  pip install taiga-contrib-slack-auth

Modify your settings/ and include the line:

  INSTALLED_APPS += ["taiga_contrib_slack_auth"]

  # Get these from

Taiga Front

Download in your dist/plugins/ directory of Taiga front the taiga-contrib-slack-auth compiled code (you need subversion in your system):

  cd dist/
  mkdir -p plugins
  cd plugins
  svn export "$(pip show taiga-contrib-slack-auth | awk '/^Version: /{print $2}')/front/dist"  "slack-auth"

Include in your dist/conf.json in the contribPlugins list the value "/plugins/slack-auth/slack-auth.json":

    "slackClientId": "YOUR-slack-CLIENT-ID",
    "contribPlugins": [

Running tests

We only have backend tests, you have to add your taiga-back directory to the PYTHONPATH environment variable, and run py.test, for example:

  cd back
  add2virtualenv /home/taiga/taiga-back/