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Search Control for Leaflet

Leaflet-search is a Search Control for the Leaflet open source JavaScript map library. It makes use of one of several geocoding services.

A demo of Leaflet-search is here.

Here is Leaflet-search's GitHub page.


Install Leaflet-search with npm:

npm i @sjaakp/leaflet-search

You can also manually install Leaflet-search by downloading the source in ZIP-format.

Apart from Leaflet itself, Leaflet-search has no dependencies. There is no need to load jQuery or other libraries (though it won't hurt).


A minimum HTML page with a Leaflet-search would look something like this:

    <link href="//" rel="stylesheet">

	<div id="m"></div>

	<script src="//"></script>
	<script src="leaflet-search.js"></script>

		var map ="m" /* , { ... map options ... } */);
		map.setGeocoder('Nominatim' /* , { ... Geocoder options ... } */);
		map.addControl({ ... Search options ...}));

The assets for Leaflet are loaded, as well as those for Leaflet-search (a single js-file). A Leaflet Map is initialized. The Leaflet map now has a new method:

  • setGeocoder(<string> name, <Object> options?) Set the geocoder with options. Return: this.


Leaflet-search is available on the unpkg Content Delivery Network, so you don't have to host the leaflet-search.js file on your own server. In this case, the Leaflet-search can be loaded like this:

<script src="//"></script>


Leaflet-search defines a new Leaflet Control: L.Control.Search. It places a button on the map, which expands to a text input field that accepts free-form addresses.

L.Control.Search inherits the position property from L.Control. Following the Leaflet-habit, a new L.Control.Search can be created by<options>), so adding Leaflet-search to a Map boils down to:

map.addControl({ position: 'bottomright' }));


Leaflet-search retrieves its information from a geocoding service. The service is initialized by:

map.setGeocoder('<geocoder name>', { <geocoder options> });

Generally, options will be empty, apart from the API Key some providers expect, and which often can be obtained free of charge. Other options may be added.

Currently, Leaflet-search supports the following providers (there may be more in the future):

Name Required option
Nominatim free, by OpenStreetMap
GeoNames free { username: '...' }
Here commercial { apiKey: '...' }
TomTom commercial { key: '...' }
Kadaster Netherlands only

Notice that some providers may stipulate that you should use their service only on map tiles of the same provider.

If you don't explicitly set a geocoder, Leaflet-search uses Nominatim.