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Color picker widget for Yii2 framework
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Color picker widget for Yii2

yii2-iro is a widget to choose a color. You can use it in an ActiveForm like any other InputWidget in the Yii 2.0 PHP Framework.

yii2-iro is a wrapper around the excellent iro.js JavaScript color picker, created by James Daniel.

yii2-iro can appear in two modes: inline (directly in the page) or in a popup-dialog that opens when a colored button is clicked.

A demonstration of Yii2-iro is here.


Install yii2-iro in the usual way with Composer. Add the following to the require section of your composer.json file:

"sjaakp/yii2-iro": "*"

or run:

composer require sjaakp/yii2-iro

You can manually install yii2-iro by downloading the source in ZIP-format.

Using yii2-iro

Use yii2-iro just like you would use any other a InputWidget. For instance, in an ActiveForm you might have something like:

    use sjaakp\iro\IroWidget;
<?php $form = ActiveForm::begin([
    // ...options...
]); ?>

    <?= $form->field($model, 'name') ?>
    <?= $form->field($model, 'favourite_color')->widget() ?>

<?php $form = ActiveForm::end(); ?>

To render yii2-iro outside of an ActiveForm we could use something like:

use sjaakp\iro\IroWidget;
<?= IroWidget::widget([
    'name' => 'iro',
    'value' => '#00ff00',
    'popup' => false
    // ...
]) ?>;


The yii2-iro widget has all the options of a InputWidget, plus the following:


array Options for the underlying iro.js color picker. Default: [].


boolean Determines the appearance of the yii2-iro widget.

  • false The widget appears inline, directly on the page.

  • true The widget appears as a colored button. Clicking it shows the color button in a modal dialog.

Default: true.


string One of the color formats available to the iro.js color picker. Default: 'hexString'.

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