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emacswiki updates for lusty-explorer.el v2.4

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@@ -24,8 +24,13 @@ Lisp:lusty-explorer.el
= Changelist =
+Version 2.4:
+* Add <code>defcustom lusty-idle-seconds-per-refresh</code> - wait for key presses in <code>lusty-file-explorer</code> for (by default) 50 milliseconds before initiating match window updates. Makes things more manageable for fast typers navigating directories having many thousands of files. Thanks to René Kyllingstad.
+* Consider buffer use order when determining the order of buffer matches in the window. By default, has a 10% effect on weighting. Fiddle with <code>lusty-buffer-MRU-contribution</code>.
+* Like <code>iswitchb</code>, give match priority to buffers not currently visible.
Version 2.3:
-* For iswitchb congruity, <code>C-s</code>/<code>C-r</code>: select next/previous match.
+* For <code>iswitchb</code> congruity, <code>C-s</code>/<code>C-r</code>: select next/previous match.
* Buffer explorer: put current buffer at end of matches list for more intuitive switching. Thanks to Alex Schroeder.
* Buffer explorer: sort first by fuzzy matching score, then by most recently used.
* More intuitive action on <code>RET</code> key press, to differentiate from <code>TAB</code>. Thanks to René Kyllingstad.
@@ -64,28 +69,6 @@ Version 1.0.1:
= Discussion =
-I tried it for a few hours. I like the larger window -- specially when finding files.
-I bound the buffer-switching to `C-x b' and the file-finding to `C-x C-f' in order to force me to use it.
-I also had some subtle user interface issues. How do regular users deal with these?
-# I expected `C-x b RET' to take me back to the previous buffer. I found that I had to start typing the buffer names a lot more often than with IswitchBuffers.
-# I expected `C-x C-f' followed by some typing and ##‘DEL RET’## (where I delete the last slash) to open dired. Now I have to use `C-x d' at the end, which is a (tiny) bit harder to type.
-# When I see the match I'm looking for, I need to use `C-n' to pick it, where as I'm used to typing `C-s'. (That one is probably the easiest to fix for end users.)
--- AlexSchroeder
-Another issue when coming from IswitchBuffers:
-# I expected `C-x b C-n RET' _after_ a split-window to take me to the most recently used buffer. I use this all the time to show two buffers side-by-side. Instead it just selects the already selected buffer.
-Thanks! Re: (1), you're right, this only makes sense. Re: (2), I've changed `RET' to work more like you expect. And re: (3), I added bindings for `C-s' and `C-r' to be more in line with IswitchBuffers. These changes are in the github repo for now -- I'll release once I've played with them for a while.
--- sjbach
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