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LustyExplorer is a fast and responsive way to manage files and buffers in Vim. It includes a filesystem explorer, a buffer switcher, and a buffer grep for searching through and switching between files and buffers quickly, all through a mostly common interface.
Short demo videos folks have made:
Older stuff (pre v2.0 - we now use fuzzy matching instead of tab completion):
:LustyBufferGrep (for searching through all open buffers)
<Leader>lf - Opens filesystem explorer.
<Leader>lr - Opens filesystem explorer at the directory of the current file.
<Leader>lb - Opens buffer explorer.
<Leader>lg - Opens buffer grep.
When one of the explorers is launched, a new window appears at bottom presenting a table of files/dirs or buffers, and in the status bar is a prompt:
As you type a name, the table updates using a fuzzy matching algorithm (or regex matching in the case of grep). Press enter to open the selected match, <C-n>/<C-p> to select the next/previous match, or press <ESC> or <Ctrl-c> to cancel.
See the "Usage:" section of the script for other tricks and features.
If you like LustyExplorer, you may also like LustyJuggler: vimscript #2050
Development repository:
install details
Copy the script into your $HOME/.vim/plugin directory so that it will be sourced on startup.
NOTE: This plugin requires Vim be compiled with Ruby interpretation. If you do not currently have this functionality, see the "Install Details:" section of the script for directions to add it.
If adding Ruby is an issue for you, you may want to try LycosaExplorer, a Python port of this plugin: vimscript #3659
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