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delete buffer on C-d #81

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2 participants

Pavel Gabriel Stephen Bach
Pavel Gabriel

I noticed that very often when I'm in buffer list I need to delete (unload buffer and remove from buffer list) some buffers.

It's a first attempt to update lusty. Could you guide me to update it correctly?

Stephen Bach

For consistency with the other values, this should be the decimal value for Ctrl-D, which is 4.

Stephen Bach

To avoid ambiguity around the word "delete", let's rename this function unload_selected_buffer

Stephen Bach

Think it would be good to rename this to unload_buffer.

Stephen Bach

Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. Your patch looks good -- thanks! Could you please update your pull request to apply your changes to the source files in src/ rather than the generated .vim file in plugin/?

Pavel Gabriel

I have updated code in this PR: #100

Pavel Gabriel alovak closed this
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Commits on Aug 21, 2012
  1. Pavel Gabriel

    delete buffer on C-d

    alovak authored
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Showing with 18 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +18 −0 plugin/lusty-explorer.vim
18 plugin/lusty-explorer.vim
@@ -898,6 +898,8 @@ class Explorer
refresh_mode = :no_recompute
when 15 # C-o choose in new horizontal split
+ when 7 # C-d delete buffert in new horizontal split
+ delete()
when 20 # C-t choose in new tab
when 21 # C-u clear prompt
@@ -963,6 +965,14 @@ class Explorer
+ def delete
+ entry = @current_sorted_matches[@selected_index]
+ return if entry.nil?
+ delete_buffer(entry)
+ refresh(:full)
+ run()
+ end
def choose(open_mode)
entry = @current_sorted_matches[@selected_index]
return if entry.nil?
@@ -1078,6 +1088,13 @@ class BufferExplorer < Explorer
+ def delete_buffer(entry)
+ cleanup()
+ number = entry.vim_buffer.number
+ LustyE::assert(number)
+ VIM::command "silent bdelete! #{number}"
+ end
def open_entry(entry, open_mode)
LustyE::assert($curwin == @calling_window)
@@ -1941,6 +1958,7 @@ class Display
VIM::command "#{map} <C-t> :call <SID>#{prefix}KeyPressed(20)<CR>"
VIM::command "#{map} <C-v> :call <SID>#{prefix}KeyPressed(22)<CR>"
VIM::command "#{map} <C-e> :call <SID>#{prefix}KeyPressed(5)<CR>"
+ VIM::command "#{map} <C-d> :call <SID>#{prefix}KeyPressed(7)<CR>"
VIM::command "#{map} <C-r> :call <SID>#{prefix}KeyPressed(18)<CR>"
VIM::command "#{map} <C-u> :call <SID>#{prefix}KeyPressed(21)<CR>"
VIM::command "#{map} <Esc>OD :call <SID>#{prefix}KeyPressed(2)<CR>"
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