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Viewglob 2.0.4 README
April 26, 2006
Stephen Bach <>
Viewglob is a filesystem visualization add-on for Bash and Zsh. It tracks
the command line and environment of any number of interactive shells (local
and remote). A graphical display follows the currently active terminal,
listing the contents of directories relevant to its shell and highlighting
file selections and potential name completions dynamically.
The package has three communicating parts:
- vgseer, client:
Supervises an interactive shell and keeps track of command line
and environment changes.
- vgd, server daemon:
Mediates information exchange between any number of vgseer pro-
cesses (local or remote) and a Viewglob display.
- vgmini and vgclassic, graphical displays:
List the contents of directories relevant to the currently active
shell, highlighting file selections and potential name comple-
A convenience script "viewglob" is provided as a startup shortcut.
You can learn more about using this package in the manpages for view-
glob(1), vgseer(1), and vgd(1).
The website for Viewglob is here:
Mailing list signup is here:
The sourceforge listing is here:
Feedback is welcome!
Mostly just fixing OS X compatibility. See NEWS for more information.
For a full install, it's a simple ./configure && make && sudo make install.
If you only wish to install the shell client portion, say for a server
without X or GTK+ which you only access through ssh, use the following
./configure --enable-vgseer-only
See the file INSTALL for generic installation instructions.
All installations of Viewglob require a version of Bash (any, as far as I
know). A client-only install requires GLib 2.2, and a full install requires
GTK+ 2.4. A version of Zsh is also obviously required if you wish to use
Zsh under Viewglob.
Tested on:
FreeBSD 4.10 with GTK+ 2.4.3
GNU/Linux (various) with GTK+ 2.4+
This version of Viewglob is also said to run on Mac OS X 10.3.9 (with fink
providing GTK+ 2.4).
The program has been built with portability in mind, so it should (ha) run
on most POSIX-compliant systems with minimal fuss. I happily accept patches
for portability issues.