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- after parsing file name, when scanning through list:
if (name > parsed)
parsed is new file (don't have to go through whole list)
- lex/yacc for vgexpand parsing
- minilanguage for shell scanning?
- dir-order doesn't work
- if user input received on a terminal, set it as active
- to determine which "word" expands to which files, call vgexpand for each
word argument in the commandline
- cygwin
- vgclassic: mask and developing mask
- vgdisplays: shift click filename puts full path
- vgmini: statuses
- use strchr instead of strstr
- vgseer: sanitize mask better
- vgexpand: fix $HOME to ~
- vgseer: EIO when zsh exit
- vgd: vgseer_client into separate file
- vgseer: filename insertion is buggy at inserting within a word
- vgseer: rename Connection
- vgmini: filebox negotiation
- vgd/vgdisplay: sometimes not update on new pwd
- all: pedantic
- vgmini: white (base colour) background for fileboxes?
- record timestamp for each byte to help predicting whether user typing or not (problem if pasting text though)
- dlisting of current directory in display different colour?
- Use a different key sequence than Ctrl-G (easier to type)?
- In display command line, underline the character which has the cursor
- screen compatibility
- integration with bash-completion, if viable
- test and fix command-line parsing for wrapped lines.
- periodically run a ^M cleaning function?
- Keep track of variable changes by running env in PROMPT_COMMAND?
- multiple column option (--columns=# ) ?
- if knowingly out of sync, send message to display to put up X icon and say "(viewglob will catch up on the next command)"
- slight highlighting difference between files named explicitly and files expanded from a glob?
- don't focus on gtk window when opened (is this viable?)
- wait/lost indicators?
- Truncate directory path label if it's too big.
- like this: "/path/to/dir/blah/" --> "/path/to/d..."
- same for single-column file lists (maybe split in the middle?)
- convert "2 selected, 10 total (4 hidden)" to "2, 10 (4)" if window size is too small
- then use "2, 10..." if it's really really small?
- Improve wrapbox resizing
- vgterm -- terminal based on rxvt (unicode?) with integrated gviewglob display.