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FALCON is a package designed to enable the analysis of nestedness and help compare different nestedness measures and associated null models in bipartite networks.

FALCONs falcon

It is currently implemented for use in MATLAB, Octave and R.


FALCON allows computation of six nestedness measures for binary networks:

and significance testing under five binary null models: SS, FF, CC, DD and EE

Additionally spectral radius and WNODF measures can be used for the analysis of weighted networks under four weighted null models.

For more information about what FALCON offers read the description. For more information about how to run FALCON read the instructions. There is also a quick start guide available.

If you use or develop FALCON please let us know - we are interested in knowing how this code is being used!



Click here to download the latest version



This package is authored by Stephen Beckett (@BeckettStephen), Chris Boulton (@caboulton) and Hywel Williams(@HywelTPWilliams) at the University of Exeter. If you have any questions please contact us!