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A compiler for the C- language. Based on the work from a Compiler Construction class.

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Sam Cappella's C-Minus Compiler README


This is the final commit for the C-Minus Compiler for East Stroudsburg University's CPSC 'Compiler Construction' class. This project has everything needed to open and build in Visual Studio 2010.

This project was done over the course of 12 weeks and done in stages. The code is by no means perfect. If examined, it is clear that the entire project was not planned out from the beginning (due to learning how to write a compiler and working through it and not having time to rewrite).

This directory contains all the resources requested for the compiler project submission.

Directory Structure:

  • C-MinusCompiler -> Contains all the source code files, debug folder, and binary folder.

  • res -> This is the directory where all the external compiler resources are held (xml file and Gold Parser Builder grammar)

  • Tests -> All the test cases with outputs for both correct and error versions and a .ASM file for the correct versions.

  • Documentation -> All extra documentation (User Guide, 80x86 Instruction List, etc...)

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