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This data was used to create the state and congressional district estimates. They use gender, age, education, and race from the survey and the most recent Census estimates using the American Community Survey most recent 5 year estimates.

The coding for the variables are: Sex: 0-Women, 1-Men Age: 1-18-24, 2-25-34, 3-35-44, 4-45-64, 5-65+ Educ: 1-HS or Less, 2-Some College/Associates, 3- College Graduate Race: 1-18-24 years old, 2-White, 3-Non White (This is coded this way to combine with education as the more robust data on education is for people 25 years of age and older) Ban Assault: 0-Oppose, 1-Favor CD: Ordered by state (using Fips state code) and District Weight: Post-election survey weights