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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Demonstrate order submission with ibpy
from time import sleep
from ib.ext.Contract import Contract
from ib.opt import ibConnection
from ib.ext.Order import Order
# sign function
sign = lambda a: (a>0) - (a<0)
def createContract(symbol):
''' create contract object '''
c = Contract()
c.m_symbol = symbol
c.m_secType= "STK"
c.m_exchange = "SMART"
c.m_currency = "USD"
return c
def createOrder(orderId,shares,limit = None, transmit=0):
create order object
orderId : The order Id. You must specify a unique value.
When the order status returns, it will be identified by this tag.
This tag is also used when canceling the order.
shares: number of shares to buy or sell. Negative for sell order.
limit : price limit, None for MKT order
transmit: transmit immideatelly from tws
action = {-1:'SELL',1:'BUY'}
o = Order()
o.m_orderId = orderId
o.m_action = action[sign(shares)]
o.m_totalQuantity = abs(shares)
o.m_transmit = transmit
if limit is not None:
o.m_orderType = 'LMT'
o.m_lmtPrice = limit
o.m_orderType = 'MKT'
return o
class MessageHandler(object):
''' class for handling incoming messages '''
def __init__(self,tws):
''' create class, provide ibConnection object as parameter '''
self.nextValidOrderId = None
def nextValidIdHandler(self,msg):
''' handles NextValidId messages '''
self.nextValidOrderId = msg.orderId
def debugHandler(self,msg):
""" function to print messages """
#-----------Main script-----------------
tws = ibConnection() # create connection object
handler = MessageHandler(tws) # message handling class
tws.connect() # connect to API
sleep(1) # wait for nextOrderId to come in
orderId = handler.nextValidOrderId # numeric order id, must be unique.
print('Placing order with id ', orderId)
contract = createContract('SPY')
order = createOrder(orderId,shares=5) # create order
tws.placeOrder(orderId, contract, order) # place order
print('Cancelling order ')
tws.cancelOrder(orderId) # cancel it.
print('All done')
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