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Simple site to help work with all the different enums in glTF spec
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This site was developed for three four reason:

  1. Wanted to force myself to learn the glTF spec better
  2. Wanted a productive project to learn Golang better
  3. Hate ctrl+fing through spec sheets
  4. Saw this domain was not taken...

Side note: Golang probably was not the best tool for JSON scraping IMO after working on this

Suggestions or improvements

Open to expanding project to add more useful items, leave PR or issue.

How it works

The HTML is designed to be populated via the enums.js file. The glTF-enum.go Golang script kicks off every day and cross references the glTF Spec where it generates a JSON object and writes it out to enums.js.

Run it yourself

  • Get the repo: go get
  • cd to the $GOPATH/src/
  • Grab json library: go get
  • Run go run glTF-enum.go
  • Open site/index.html in a browser


I also have a compress.go script that runs and it just minifies all the HTML files for deployment.

Run the same commands but after run go run compress.go to create a deploy folder with a compressed version of the website. You will also need to to run go get

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