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Paper Manager

This program provides a viewer for image files such as pdf, jpeg and its own variant of PaperPort's .max file format.

See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

Desktop view Select scanner Dated files Open file Preview Preview2
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  • simple GUI based around stacks and pages
  • view previews and browse through pages
  • move pages in and out of stacks
  • navigate through directories
  • move stacks between directories
  • double click to view full size page image (also on right pane)
  • print stacks and pages, including page annotations
  • full undo/redo

new in 0.4:

  • basic scanning
  • partial creation of .max files (but monochrome images are uncompressed) (also it doesn't create greyscale/colour previews)

new in 0.5:

  • better scanning, should now work properly with SANE and most scanners
  • stacking/unstacking, moving files between directories, etc.
  • colour previews are created (greyscale still not sorry)
  • PDF, JPEG and TIFF conversion supported. Results may vary
  • View quality menu to trade speed for quality

new in 0.7:

  • better multithreaded scanning
  • undo/redo
  • better PDF support
  • preview panes
  • OCR engine
  • zooming in and out in preview windows (hold down control and use mouse wheel)
  • rewritten for QT4
  • many many other changes and improvements

new in 0.7.1:

  • a few bug fixes

new in 0.8

  • first github release
  • new icon
  • cleaned up README

new in 1.0

  • fully ported to QT4
  • should build on very modern distributions that don't have QT3

new in 1.0.1

  • builds with QT5, including on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal

Future Features

Here's what I'd like it to support:

  • more operations on images
  • support for more image types (at the moment only JPEG is supported)

If you have other ideas then feel free to let me know on the mailing list.

Simon Glass Aug 2020


Paper managing and scanning - an electronic filing cabinet






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