A Monte Carlo event generator for tens-of-MeV neutrino-nucleus interactions in liquid argon
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MARLEY (Model of Argon Reaction Low Energy Yields)


MARLEY (Model of Argon Reaction Low Energy Yields) is a Monte Carlo event generator for tens-of-MeV neutrino-nucleus interactions in liquid argon. The current version includes matrix element evaluations for the charged-current reaction νe + 40Ar → e + 40K* only. With some additional matrix element evaluations, MARLEY could be expanded to include more reactions and more target nuclei. Users interested in creating reaction matrix element evaluations for new reactions or new nuclear targets are encouraged to contact the MARLEY development team (support@marleygen.org).


MARLEY is distributed under the terms of the BSD 2-clause license. Please see the LICENSE file for details.

Getting Started

MARLEY may be built as an ordinary command-line executable, or it may be built as product for the relocatable ups tool developed by Fermilab. Those interested in doing the latter should consult the ups-specific repository. The instructions given here describe the ordinary build procedure.


There are only two prerequisites needed to build MARLEY:

  • A C++14-compliant compiler. The following compilers are officially supported:

    • g++ >= 4.9
    • clang++ >= 3.4
  • GNU Make

Building MARLEY on Windows has not yet been attempted. Please contact the developers (support@marleygen.org) if you are interested in building the code on Windows.

Building MARLEY

To build the code, enter the build subfolder

cd build

and then run GNU make


If the build is successful, then executing

./marley --version

should produce the following output:

MARLEY (Model of Argon Reaction Low Energy Yields) 1.0.0
Copyright (C) 2016-2017 Steven Gardiner
License BSD2C: BSD 2-Clause <http://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-2-Clause>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.

Generating events

The command-line executable allows the user to configure MARLEY via JSON-like configuration files. To generate events using an example configuration file, execute

./marley ../examples/config.js

The program will display the MARLEY logo and diagnostic messages as it runs the simulation. When the program terminates, two new files will be present in the build/ folder:

  • events.ascii contains the generated events in MARLEY's native format
  • marley.log contains logging messages from the simulation

The example configuration file (examples/config.js) is heavily commented, and reading it serves as a good next step for new users. When you are ready to start writing your own configuration files, editing a copy of examples/COPY_ME.js is recommended. That file contains settings similar to those in examples/config.js, but it omits the long comments so that it may be easily modified.


Non-developer MARLEY authors: Christopher Grant, Emilija Pantic, Robert Svoboda

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


Doxygen documentation for the latest version of MARLEY may be found on the official webpage at http://www.marleygen.org/.


Special thanks go to

  • David Wright for providing portions of his Meta.Numerics code to be used to compute Coulomb wavefunctions

  • The TALYS developers (Arjan Koning, Stéphane Hilaire, and Marieke Duijvestijn) for sharing their nuclear structure data

  • Zero Anixter for providing an illustration of Bob Marley to be used in the official MARLEY logo