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Scripts that allow MARLEY to be built as a relocatable ups product by Fermilab's cetbuildtools
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UPS product build scripts for MARLEY

This repository provides additional files needed to build the MARLEY neutrino event generator as a relocatable ups (Unix Product Support) product.


To build the marley v1_0_0 ups product, two other ups products must be set up first:

  • cetbuildtools v5_14_00
  • root v6_08_06g

Build procedure

After setting up the prerequisite products, clone the marley ups product repository into your desired source directory SOURCE_DIR:

git clone SOURCE_DIR

Then create a new build directory and source the development setup script from within it:

mkdir build
cd build
source SOURCE_DIR/ups/setup_for_development <-d | -p | -o>

The flag after setup_for_development should be -d if you set up the root product with the debug qualifier, -p if you used the prof qualifier, or -o if you used the opt qualifier.

Choose a directory INSTALL_DIR in which you would like to install the marley ups product. Then build and install the product via

buildtool -I "INSTALL_DIR" -bti [-jN]

where the optional -j flag may be used to build using N parallel jobs.

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