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@sjh37 sjh37 released this Jun 23, 2021

  • #695 Made WriteInsideClassBody() function available to .tt
  • #673 Fix bug - Corrected AddRangeAsync() signature. Thanks to Sean Lee
  • Add remaining FakeDbSet functions.
  • #700 Add support for precision and scale to .NET 5. Thanks to statler.
  • #704 Allow installer to work on Visual Studio 2022 and beyond. Thanks to elistia.
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@sjh37 sjh37 released this May 23, 2021

  • #672 Add EF Core 5 many-to-many support.
  • #668 Include support for sequences.
  • #658 Custom file header and footer text. Thanks to Chris Egan.
  • #659 Add schema name to table valued functions. Thanks to Tim Sirmovics.
  • #661 Allow removal of parameterless constructor for database context.
  • Fixed bug. Check for enumDefinitions != null. Thanks to Gerry McDermott
  • #670 Add Task as a reserved keyword.
  • Include Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.ChangeTracking if using EntityEntry<T>.
  • Add in DbContext virtual functions to Interface.
  • Fix bug with FakeDbAsyncQueryProvider.ExecuteAsync().
  • #643 Add IncludeCodeGeneratedAttribute setting. This add ability to reverse engineer database and not set the properties to the default values as defined in the database. Thanks to Michael Burgess.
  • #660 Fix bug. If the .tt file had the same name as the context, the context was not generated.
  • #678 Include Usings support for Enum generation. Thanks to Sean Lee.
  • #674 FakeContext did not implement IAsyncQueryProvider.
  • Split out EFCore(2,3,5) templates into their own files.
  • Add in-memory cache for file based mustache templates during generation.
  • #231 Add Column order to primary keys for data annotations.
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@sjh37 sjh37 released this Jan 9, 2021

  • #646 Added support for EF Core 5 (.NET 5)
  • #286 Add support for XML response from stored procedures - Thanks to bobbyangers for the PR
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@sjh37 sjh37 released this Oct 8, 2020

  • Added support for PostgreSQL. Reading of function return models for PostgresSQL is not possible.
  • #557 Add comment to generated code f using Trial / Academic licences to explain why tables are missing. Thanks to LarryWMSN
  • #576 Add Template version number to generated code comments. Thanks to brianrutter.
  • #579 Check for whitespace only columns
  • #582 Add support for nullable reference types. Thanks to qrjo.
  • #583 Examples with t.Schema.Name. Thanks to TimSirmovics
  • #584 Duplicate DbSets generated in the FakeContext. Thanks to pmcivor-accesso
  • #586 IsUnique not added for all unique indexes. Thanks to qrjo
  • #587 EF6 PK / Index annotation - duplicate index issue. Thanks to Sean McGill
  • #587 unit testing completed.
  • #591 Merge include filters
  • #598 Configuration classes to use ConfigurationClassesModifiers. Thanks to MarkLFT.
  • #615 Add extra code suppression flags.
  • #615 Code supression
  • #615 Control R# comments with use of Settings.UseResharper flag.
  • Add (commented out) code to sort indexes
  • Add MultipleActiveResultSets=True; to connection string.
  • Added support for columns existing in a base class. Thanks to Bram Van Den Bossche.
  • Correct comment for Settings.InterfaceNamespace. Thanks to Neal Culiner.
  • Detect and show duplicate code output items where 2 SQL items resolve to same C# name.
  • Enhanced comments for table.BaseClasses and column.ExistsInBaseClass
  • Fall back to trial license should it expire or become invalid.
  • Fix missing fk name if fk name == "id"
  • For added security setting Settings.IncludeConnectionSettingComments=false; as default.
  • Give PostgreSQL unamed stored procedure parameters a name
  • Ignore __EFMigrationsHistory table
  • Include filter testing
  • Remove FK's that would force nullable columns to be not null
  • Show allowed providers
  • Show how to add custom pluralisation entries
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@sjh37 sjh37 released this Jan 16, 2020

  • #573 Do not specify string sizes for HasColumnType when using EF6.
  • Minor spatial type improvements.
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@sjh37 sjh37 released this Jan 11, 2020

  • Use Settings.OnConfiguration=ConnectionString; as default.
  • Sort indexes so they don't change order during regeneration.
  • #573 Improvement in the EntityTypeConfiguration HasColumnType to allow for batch inserts. Thanks to estyfen.
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@sjh37 sjh37 released this Jan 9, 2020

  • #571 Support EF.Core spatial types. Thanks to mmisnerms.
  • #570 Remove FakeDbAsyncEnumerable.GetEnumerator() function. Thanks to agentKnipe.
  • #569 Rename stored procedure fix. Thanks to estyfen.
  • #545 Remove adding HasAlternateKey. Thanks to brianrutter.
  • #558 Explain how to disable pluralisation. Thanks to statler.
  • Always write to external files for multi-context generation.
  • Update MultiTable.sql
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@sjh37 sjh37 released this Dec 9, 2019

  • #555 Add support for [Data Annotations]. Thanks to clarghi.
  • #545 Implement HasAlternateKey & enhance HasKey. Thanks to TimSirmovics.
  • #550 Add support for Ef Core 3 HasNoKey() and ToView().
  • #553 Control how the Connection string is used in Generated Code. Thanks to agentKnipe.
  • #536 .Net Core now deletes filtered out files
  • #551 Add comment about AddParameterlessConstructor. Thanks to 0xced.
  • Correct bug with TableSuffix and EF6 Indexes
  • Include more filtering examples
  • Include comments for setting table.BaseClasses
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@sjh37 sjh37 released this Nov 18, 2019

Version 3 is finally here

Re-written from the ground up, and years in the making.

Now supports

  • Entity Framework .NET Core 3
  • Entity Framework .NET Core 2
  • Entity Framework 6
  • {{Mustache}} Templates. Now it's easy to alter the code generation templates. V3 now supports your own custom templates.
  • Multi context generation in a single go (Enterprise feature)
  • No more editing T4 ttinclude files. Now you can edit the generator within a C# project, and have the EF.Reverse.POCO.v3.ttinclude generated for you.
  • SQL Server
  • SQL CE
  • Custom database support provider via Plugin
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@sjh37 sjh37 released this Nov 18, 2019

Tagging the last v2 code before it's replaced with v3.

Last v2 code available below.

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