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GSD, aka "Get shit done script"

What it does

Are you a web developer and use multiple browsers? Too much of a pain to coordinate productivity plugins between FF, Safari, and Chrome?

Use this handy script to route time-suck websites to local host while you're working, and then turn them back on later.


Linux, Mac OSX 10.4+ (Safari 6.0.x+, Chrome 21.x+, Firefox 16+, Opera 12+)


Download zip.

Edit blocked_sites to add or remove your particular time-suck websites.

Run sudo sh install_gsd.


sudo gsd on Blocks the websites on the blocked_sites list by routing them to localhost in etc/hosts

sudo gsd off Removes the sites on blocked_sites list from etc/hosts.

Enjoy productivity.

Thank you

I'm still learning bash scripting, so this little exercise is thanks to the work of :

Let me know if there are horrifying, horrifying errors.


Copyright 2012, John Cockrell

Licensed under GNU General Public License 3.0

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