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This is an example API that uses pinned to manage versions.

In this example, the API maintains three versions.

2018-03-09 - Rename User.FullName -> User.Name
2018-02-09 - Add User.CreatedAt
2018-01-09 - Initial.

If a request does not specify a version, or requests the latest, no changes are made. If a request is made for 2018-02-09, the changes defined in 2018-03-09 are executed. If a request is made for 2018-01-09, the changes defined in 2018-03-09 and 2018-02-09 are executed in order.

To see what this actually looks like, look at snapshots/example.snapshot.


Tests are written using abide. This makes it very simple to snapshot each version of a given API route and ensure future changes keep previous versions stable.

$ go test -v -race
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