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Irssi scripts

This repository contains a set of Irssi scripts. All, except warnkick and whocount, make sense only if your client is opered.


This script makes adding AKILLs to OperServ easy as pie. Available settings:

/set akill_duration duration (default 1w)
/set akill_reason reason (default drones/flooding)
/set akill_operserv nick (default OperServ)
/toggle akill_host_only (default off)
/toggle akill_tilde_to_star (default on)


Writes IP addresses of channel members to file. IP addresses are retrieved using chantrace. Script may prove useful for adding drone IP addresses to a firewall or similar:

/iplist #dronechannel
scp ~/iplist-#dronechannel.txt your.gateway:.
ssh your.gateway pfctl -t drones -T add -f iplist-#dronechannel.txt

Passing --full to /IPLIST will generate iplist-#channel-full.txt which includes nicknames, usernames, gecos and so on.

Spoofed users and server operators are recognised and are not added to lists.


Enhances the /kline command to simplify setting klines. Syntax:

/kline [-on <server>] [-perm|-time <mins>] <nick|host> <reason>

If a nick is given, kline will automatically grab the users hostname and kline that. The rest should be rather self explanatory.


Issues /LOBBY on connecting clients. This requires that you are opered and have access to a TARDIS which can take you to Ambernet. The /LOBBY command ceased to be supported by Ambernet admins, thank god, and then the network itself died a while later.


This script was requested by someone in an EFnet Linux channel. It grabs the local/global user count from the irc server and writes it to a file in a mrtg-friendly format. Read the script documentation:

$ pod2man |nroff -man |less


Quick kill -- this is a simple script which takes a comma seperated list of nicknames to KILL and optionally a kill message/reason:

/qkill nick1,nick2,nick3 [reason]

The default reason is tuned for Undernet use: 'You are violating Undernet rules. Please take a look at before returning'. The default reason can be changed by changing qkill_reason:

/set qkill_reason New reason goes here

It is possible to bypass irssi's sendqueue by togglingqkill_sendraw. Only do this on ircds that permit oper flooding. The default is to use the send queue.

/toggle qkill_sendraw


This script is not really working anymore and is only in the repository for historical reasons. It was used by me, sjk, on Undernet in 2006 or so to detect "real name clones".


This script will notify you if you're kicked out of a channel. A warning is printed, and the channel refnum of the channel you were kicked out of is hilighted. This script is also available in the Irssi script archive.


This script has no settings. It merely adds a total who count at the end of /WHO replies.