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Skeleton for lecture note taking in LaTeX

To get up and running, do the following. <class name> could be 'anatomy,' for example.

$ git clone <class name>
$ cd <class name>
$ git branch -m skeleton
$ git checkout -b master
$ vim YYYY-MM-DDa.tex

Creating a new master branch is optional but recommended as it simplifies pulling preamble updates etc from this repository.

YYYY-MM-DDa.tex contains your lecture notes. If you are attending several lectures that day, you would name the files YYYY-MM-DD{a,b}.tex and so forth.

When done, don't forget to include the file in main.tex. Doing so is easy, just add:


At the appropriate spot in your main.tex.


Swedish hyphenation is used by default. If writing in English, you may want to tell babel about it. Do so by commenting out the current babel line in preamble.tex and adding one appropriate for your language, e.g.:


Compiling the document

Assuming you are using Mac OS X or some other Makefile-aware operating system, just use make:

$ make viewpdf

If you are using Linux or FreeBSD or similar, you will have to edit the viewpdf target in the Makefile.

Using a bibliography

If you need bibliography support, enter your biblatex items into biblio.bib and uncomment the biber line in Makefile.