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django-hoptoad is some simple Middleware for letting Django-driven websites report their errors to Hoptoad. Now ponies can ride the toad too.


django-hoptoad requires:


Grab the the django-hoptoad code by cloning the Mercurial repository (or just download the latest version and unzip it somewhere):

hg clone http://bitbucket.org/sjl/django-hoptoad/

There's a git mirror too if you really want it:

git clone git://github.com/sjl/django-hoptoad.git

Once you download it, you can install it in the usual manner:

cd django-hoptoad
python setup.py install

If you'd prefer to be able to update at any time by pulling down changes with Mercurial or git, you can symlink the module into your site-packages directory instead of using python setup.py install:

ln -s /full/path/to/django-hoptoad/hoptoad /full/path/to/site-packages/

To make sure it works you can run:

python -c 'import hoptoad'


To set up a Django project to notify Hoptoad of its errors, you need to do two things in its settings.py file.

First, add the HoptoadNotifierMiddleware as the last item in the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES` setting:

    # ... other middleware classes ...

Next, you'll need to add a HOPTOAD_API_KEY setting. You can get the key from the Hoptoad project page:

HOPTOAD_API_KEY = 'Your Hoptoad API key.'


There are more advanced options that can be used to customize your Hoptoad notification process; please go to Configuration guide to see more advanced configuration and usage options.


The documentation for django-hoptoad is at the project page. There's a Quick Start guide, Configuration guide, Troubleshooting guide, and a few other things there.

The documentation is stored in the docs/ directory of the repository if you prefer to read it offline.


This Middleware is a work in progress. If you have a suggestion or find a bug please add an issue and let me know.