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if exists("b:current_syntax")
syntax keyword lispyscriptDefFunction function
syntax keyword lispyscriptDefMacro macro
syntax keyword lispyscriptKeyword do -> new object str var
syntax keyword lispyscriptKeyword array arrayInit arrayInit2d
syntax keyword lispyscriptTesting assert testGroup testRunner
syntax keyword lispyscriptTemplating template template-repeat template-repeat-key
syntax keyword lispyscriptOperator undefined? null? true? false? zero? boolean?
syntax keyword lispyscriptOperator number? string? object? array? function?
syntax keyword lispyscriptOperator = ! != > < <= >= + - * / % &&
syntax match lispyscriptOperator "\v([ \t()]|^)\zs\|\|\ze([ \t()]|$)"
syntax keyword lispyscriptConstant null undefined
syntax keyword lispyscriptBoolean true false
syntax keyword lispyscriptRepeat loop each each2d eachKey reduce map for
syntax keyword lispyscriptConditional if cond when unless
syntax keyword lispyscriptException try catch throw
syntax keyword lispyscriptImport include
syntax match lispyscriptComment "\v;.*$"
syntax match lispyscriptNumber "\v<-?\d+(\.\d+)?>"
syntax region lispyscriptString start=+"+ skip=+\\\\\|\\"+ end=+"\|$+
" Custom words go here...
syntax keyword lispyscriptKeyword defn
syntax keyword lispyscriptKeyword onload
highlight link lispyscriptKeyword Keyword
highlight link lispyscriptTesting Keyword
highlight link lispyscriptTemplating Keyword
highlight link lispyscriptDefFunction Keyword
highlight link lispyscriptDefMacro Keyword
highlight link lispyscriptOperator Operator
highlight link lispyscriptConditional Conditional
highlight link lispyscriptException Exception
highlight link lispyscriptImport Include
highlight link lispyscriptBoolean Boolean
highlight link lispyscriptRepeat Repeat
highlight link lispyscriptNumber Number
highlight link lispyscriptComment Comment
highlight link lispyscriptString String
highlight link lispyscriptConstant Constant
let b:current_syntax = "lispyscript"
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