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Small note re. inoremap jk <esc> #20

dubgeiser opened this Issue April 04, 2012 · 2 comments

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Per Juchtmans Steve Losh Dreamr
Per Juchtmans

In chapter 10, remapping the key in insert mode to 'jk' key combination is proposed.
I Don't know about other languages, but in my native tongue (dutch) the character combination 'jk' is found in a lot of words, using them as a mapping would render vim rather useless for typing my native language:
Example try typing "The rich local police officer irons mud." -> "De rijke wijkagent strijkt slijk" ;-)

Also, since going from insert mode to normal mode generally implies a context switch, I'm not even convinced, other than 'jk' is faster and easier typed than hitting , the remap increases overall editing efficiency.

But this is probably a whole new discussion altogether, maybe a small note re. the 'jk' map and other languages than English would be warranted?

Steve Losh
sjl commented June 16, 2012

Yeah, so Dutch seems to be one of the few languages where this is the case. I'll add a small note about it.

Steve Losh sjl closed this June 16, 2012

Ik hou Nederlandse!

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