Add graphite reporter, and fix a bug with expose-metrics-as-json #8

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I was getting an error when running 0.9.0:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: request in this context, compiling:(metrics/ring/expose.clj:88)

This should fix that issue and enable the graphite reporter.

bjpirt commented Oct 24, 2012

+1 for this pull request. I'd love to see built-in graphite reporting.


sjl commented Oct 25, 2012

Hey, check out this issue for the reason I'm not pulling this immediately. I still haven't decided exactly what strategy I want to take yet: #4

whoahbot commented Nov 5, 2012

Updated this pull request to just focus on the bug.


michaelklishin commented Mar 25, 2013

I believe the bug is fixed in master. Let me know if not.

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