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If you try this and want to force yourself to learn to use it, disable the
normal escape key. You'll learn fast.
+**Update:** I forgot to mention that if you use this (and the Shift
+improvements below) you'll probably want to change the "\[Key Overlaid
+Modifier\] Timeout" setting in the KR4MB preferences:
+![Key Overlaid Timeout](/media/images{{ parent_url }}/kb-key-overlaid.png)
+This setting controls the maximum length of a keypress that will register as
+"single press". It's easier to understand with an example. The default is
+1000ms, which means that if you press and hold the Capslock key for 900ms and
+release it, it will count as Escape. If you hold it for 1001ms before
+releasing, it counts as pressing and releasing Control instead.
+If you're finding that you're sometimes holding Control out of habit and then
+releasing it, but it's still firing as an Escape, you may want to turn this
+setting down to a lower value. I have mine set to 300ms.
+This is a lot more noticeable with the Shift mappings I'll describe shortly, so
+keep it in the back of your mind if you try those out.
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