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Fix window completion.

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@@ -9,9 +9,6 @@ but use tmux instead of screen.
However, compared to tmux, screen doesn't have the notion of panes. So, the
script was adapt to take panes into account.
-For now, you need to have tmux build from cvs if you want to paste to a
-specified pane since the current version (1.2) doesn't support it.
-If you can't / don't want to build from source, you can use the stable branch.
-The version available in that branch isn't aware of panes so it will paste to
-pane 0 of the window.
+If you use version of tmux < 1.3 , you should use the stable branch. The version
+available in that branch isn't aware of panes so it will paste to pane 0 of the
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ function! Tmux_Session_Names(A,L,P)
function! Tmux_Window_Names(A,L,P)
- return system("tmux list-windows -t" . b:tmux_sessionname . ' | sed -e "s/ \[[0-9x]*\]$//"')
+ return system("tmux list-windows -t" . b:tmux_sessionname . ' | grep -e "^\w:" | sed -e "s/ \[[0-9x]*\]$//"')
function! Tmux_Pane_Numbers(A,L,P)

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