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z is the new j
First, there was j:
Then, there was j2:, with some python added. Made
it easier to experiment with some stuff I'd been thinking about.
Now there's this, where I rewrote j2 back in bash. I like it. Sorry about all
the repos , but it kind of grew this way.
The biggest change from j is the use of 'frecency' for weighting. Directories
that have low ranking but were accesed recently, will quickly have higher rank.
The -r switch preserves the old behavior.
# maintains a jump-list of the directories you actually use
# * put something like this in your .zshrc:
# . /path/to/
# function precmd () {
# z --add "$(pwd -P)"
# }
# * cd around for a while to build up the db
# * PROFIT!!
# USE:
# * z foo # goes to most frecent dir matching foo
# * z foo bar # goes to most frecent dir matching foo and bar
# * z -r foo # goes to highest ranked dir matching foo
# * z -t foo # goes to most recently accessed dir matching foo
# * z -l foo # list all dirs matching foo (by frecency)
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