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A user version of the HERCULES code which uses a potential field method to calculate the structure of planets.
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Principal developer: Simon Lock (

Welcome to HERCULES! HERCULES models the structure of planets using a potential field method, initially published as part of Lock & Stewart 2017. HERCULES can be used to tackle a range of astrophysical, planetary science and geophysics problems.

This repository contains the source files for HERCULES along with python analysis scripts. This repository also contains a user manual that provides a very detailed outline of theoretical background for the code as well as its implementation, structure and capabilities. We also provide a beta version of a tutorial for first time users to become familiar with using the code. Please report any issues with these documents to improve the experience for future users.

You are encouraged to use and develop HERCULES under the auspices of the open source LICENSE. We request that you correctly acknowledge the developers of the code (see user manual) and that any significant modifications or improvements are made available to the community after publication, preferably through this repository. We aim to keep HERCULES a single, multifaceted code so we request that any developments are done in a modular manner.

We hope you find HERCULES useful. If you have any issues/questions please contact the developers.

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