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SamNews is a social news application like Digg and Reddit. SamNews is written in PHP/MySQL.

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Product:        SamNews
Author:         sam j levy,
Description:    open-source PHP social news application


Version:        1.1
Release:        04/18/2011

************* Installation **********************************
    1. Upload files to desired location
    2. Create a database and associated database user for SamNews
    3. Visit /install and follow the on-screen instructions

************* Upgrading from a previous version *************

    1. Backup and delete old SamNews files
    2. Backup old SamNews database (do not delete)
    3. Visit /install and follow the on-screen instructions

************* Features **************************************

    - Account system
    - Forgot password and password reset functionality (with e-mailer)
    - CAPTCHA to prevent spam
    - Remembered/cookied sessions
    - Comment system (inline replies, two tiered system)
    - Automatic YouTube, LiveLeak, GameTrailers embedding
    - RSS feed generation
    - jQuery tooltips
    - Admin controls: edit/delete users, comments, and links
    - Minimal design that's intuitive, appealing, and easy to skin
    - Light weight, fast PHP
    - Uses mod-rewrite for clean/descriptive URLs
    - Ajax vote up for links
    - IP logging
    - Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet buttons for submitted links
    - Posts can be assigned to categories
    - Bulk link submission

************* Changelog *************************************

    VERSION 1.1
    - Installer script added
    - Categories added
    - Automatically generated RSS feeds
    - Front page query adjusted
    - Sphider search engine dropped
    - No e-mail configuration required for most situations
    - LiveLeak and GameTrailers embeds added
    - Experimental Bulk Submitter
    - Minor bug fixes and CSS changes
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